Still figuring out whether or not you and your current business needs to have an online presence? You  may already have your Facebook or Twitter page, and is now willing to take the extra mile with setting  up your new website. The transition may seem risky at first, but setting up your business online is fairly  simple.

Here’s the top 3 reasons why you should take your business online.

1. You extend your business and marketing reach.

This is a no-brainer benefit that you instantly gain from having your own online store. If your offline  store currently services locals, some tourists and neighboring cities, having an online store in  comparison allows you to market your products or services anywhere in the world. How’s that for  scale?

If you own a physical store, then you know how much money you are spending by using traditional  marketing methods. Going online also lets you reach more people than you ever thought possible  while paying lower fees for the exposure ? you can even track results in real time!

2.  You catch your customers wherever they go.

In case you’ve been stuck through time, mobile internet has now become such a huge marketing tool  for many businesses. One can even start their own business without a physical shop simply by creating  an online store. According to Search Engine Land, the mobile search of local listings is expected to  overtake the more popular PC search in 2015. If you want your own slice of that cake, then you should  really think about taking your store online.

3. A perfect place to start your business.

Wait! Shouldn’t you have your physical store first before transitioning online? Not necessarily.  If you  don’t have a ‘brand’ yet, or are still in the process of conceptualizing a new business, then you utilize  the internet as your starting point to instantly reach thousands of potential clients  and leverage many  other of benefits

Fancy a store that is open 24/7? Easy! If you own a business that deals with supplies, products,  reservations, or bookings then you can definitely get the most out of your investment with an online  shop.


Once your business is online, you need a strong merchant account service to allow your e-store to  accept online payments. Having your own payment gateway and merchant account lets you accept  payments from anywhere in the world with options to acquire it in any currency.

Service providers like MerchACT helps you easily set up a merchant account and payment gateway  regardless of the nature of your business. Here’s how their service makes things easy for you:

*Review your current payment processing situation
*Discuss your growth projections and current volume caps
*Plan a strategy that will help you achieve your goals
*Provide ongoing review of your merchant accounts to ensure good standing
*Act as your merchant advocate should any issue arise
*Look at other options to ensure that you’re getting the latest industry trends

In today?s economy, Starting out and maintaining a business operation is a daunting task. If you want to  guarantee your shop’s success, taking your business online should be your next step.

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