So you trust your acquiring bank so much that you didn’t bother acquiring other ones. But say your merchant account got terminated for whatever reason.

How will you process payments then?

What would happen to your business?

You’re in deep trouble my friend.

You seriously need multiple merchant accounts to go with your business. We’re not talking about obtaining the whole nine yards here. It’s actually a matter of security and ensuring that your business keeps acquiring money despite losing one merchant account.

So how does multiple merchant account benefit you?


Whether you’re a startup business, medium enterprise or a fortune 500 company, multiple merchant account can improve your sales by removing monthly volume caps on processing applied by most acquiring banks.

Using two or more merchant account allows you to boost your sales volume and process more payments by removing volume caps/limitation. Businesses that process more than $50,000 a month should open multiple merchant accounts to avoid reaching volume caps.


Hundreds of acquiring banks are available worldwide and all of them offer different credit card processing services. The choices include online merchant accounts that lets you accept credit cards in US dollars, euros, and Canadian dollars to banks that offer the same service albeit in Australian dollars and British pounds.

Using multiple merchant account allows you to expand your target market as well as offer your clients more credit card payment options. A total win-win.


The role of chargeback prevention in your business can never be overstated as failure to manage it can actually lead to loss of profit and eventual bankruptcy. This is any businessman’s worst nightmare. Not to worry though, with multiple merchant accounts you can actually distribute your sales volume equally among two or three accounts while at also distributing your charge backs.

By dispersing your chargebacks, you will also automatically lower your chargeback ratio for all accounts and this leads to a lower risk of losing your credit card processing service.


Unless you’re fine with the thought of one day losing your one and only merchant account provider, you need multiple merchant accounts to serve as a backup even if your primary one wonks out.

What happens if your acquiring  bank is having technical difficulties or down for maintenance? In just a single day, your business could potentially lose thousands of dollars from being unable to process payments from customers.

A second or third merchant account could easily avoid this quandary.

That’s it. If you presently have a sole merchant processing service, then we seriously recommend you to seek out a merchant account processor that will patiently guide you to acquire additional payment system for your type of business.

If you’re looking for a merchant processor or wish to learn how you can apply for multiple online merchant accounts, then you’re in the right place! Call us  at 877-994-1000 wow and one of our dedicated merchant account manager will happily assist you.