If you own a business and you’re asking this question, then you’re surely missing out on the ludicrous benefits of having a merchant account.

A merchant account, or more clearly, an Internet Merchant Account, is a link between a shop (you) and an Internet Merchant Bank through an online Payment Processor.

This allows you to accept electronic payments from customers via credit cards, eChecks and other kinds electronic fund service.

It’s pretty much obvious that if you don’t give options for your customers to pay with credit cards, you’re losing out quite a bit on sales. To put it in simple terms, your business NEEDS to be able to charge credit cards to in order to do ANY business on the Internet.

Whether you’re just a newly started eCommerce business, or expanding your physical store into the internet, sooner or later you’ll need to sit down and think about it. “Do I need to sign up for a merchant account now?”

Ask yourself, “will the increase in sales I receive by letting my clients to pay using credit card, exceed the costs of setting up a merchant account?”

A quick search for merchant accounts on Google will show you TONS of merchant account processors vying for your business. You can also go to your local bank and get one. Click here to find out how to find the right merchant account service provider for your business.

Once you have your very own merchant account, it is very easy to get a simple shopping cart on your site (your processor can also office this as extra service), link it to your newly implemented merchant account, and you?re ready to begin charging credit cards on eCommerce website.