As technology becomes more and more a part of peoples lives, the time spent by people together has started to change. Social networking has started to become more digitized and is already venturing into more intimate aspects of human relationships.

Online Dating is slowly finding its importance as more single, busy and even older people seek genuine relationships through the internet.

Looking for the special someone no longer requires for you to go to a bar or any social gathering, many successful love stories have culminated thanks to the bridge created by Online Dating sites.

Of course, just like other high risk industries, it’s very difficult for any online dating merchant to take a hold of a credible credit card provider for their business. The majorty of banks are hesitant to board this business.

So should you stop asking exploring this field altogether? Of course not, in fact, the Online Dating industry is a booming prospect to venture on. An average dating-site customer can spend up to $239 dollars a year, and every year singles in America spend $82 billion on dating alone. These are very impressive stats that can’t be ignored by any e-merchant and the best part about this is its still growing

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