As per my previous posts, I remember saying the TMF (Terminated Merchant File) Match list as the blacklist all credit card processing companies abide by. Ask anyone from any of the processing banks, and they?ll know just what you are talking about. The TMF Match list was created in order to provide warning to all processors that you are a credit risk, in that way; banks can avoid making any form of transaction with you.

Naturally, businesses included in the Match list will find it hard to get a new payments processor that would continue to support their business. (But hey, don?t worry! There are a couple of banks that still serve businesses who are included in the Match list, just search ?em online!)

If you find your business on that dreaded list, better prepare because this is going to be a long and bumpy ride. First things first, find out why you were placed on that list. Contact all your previous processors, your most recent provider being the first one. Once you have already detected the core problem that caused you your chance of applying to another merchant account provider, make sure you address the problem right away. Implement all the changes required, supply and organize all the necessary paperwork, pay your outstanding fees and bills, and regain ties with your previous bank processor. In doing this, you will have a bigger chance of cleaning up the mess that has brought your name into the list.

If under any unfortunate circumstance, you find your merchant account terminated by your processor, ask them right away if you have been place on the Match list or not. If no, then good but if yes, then ask what the probable reason behind it is and how you can immediately resolve the issue. If you think you have done enough, think again. Some processors will require you to fill up some application forms, as well as supply documents and other paperwork in order to consider your application. Do it all and just provide anything that the processor may possibly ask for. If your processor is still doubtful of your application, adjust your businesses practices, especially those that caused you to be in that list. Just make sure to comply with everything your processor asks of you, and you?ll get approved in no time.

The biggest takeaway from this article is this; the TMF Match list is a very big deal especially for payment processors. Their initial reaction upon seeing your business on that list is to not make any transaction with you. Every bank abides by this list and so as for merchants, like you, you must be very careful with your business practices as well as how you manage your finances. Make sure you don?t maintain outstanding bills, leave them unpaid, and apply for another merchant account because chances are; your payment processor will get back to you by placing you on that list so you won?t get to sign with any merchant account provider.