MATCH (Member Alert to Control High Risk) is a list of potentially high-risk merchants maintained by Mastercard. This is commonly referred to as a “blacklist” or TMF (Terminated Merchant File) – in which Mastercard, Visa and American Express have access to your processing history in order to determine if you’ll be allowed a merchant account.

If you’ve been placed on the MATCH list, it’s important to first understand which action (or possible system error) landed you there.

While the process can take time, ensuring you’re diligent in taking the necessary steps will help you to get back on the right track.

What could cause your business to be MATCH listed?

Your business could end up on the MATCH list for several reasons. If you have a history of money laundering, fraud or illegal transactions, for example, this will be a red flag to processors. As well, if your business has experienced excessive chargebacks you could also end up on the list.

However, your business could end up on the MATCH list because of a system error on the part of Mastercard.

What do you do?

Mastercard has altered its guidelines for the list, making errors less common. However, if your business is MATCH listed for this or any other reason, there are still some necessary steps to follow. It’s important to first contact your processor to discuss your options. If this was due to a system error or simple mistake, your provider will likely request a correction.

If you’ve been MATCH listed for excessive chargebacks, you’ll have a less difficult time resolving the situation than if you were charged with fraud or money laundering.

You’ll also need to get in touch with a high-risk merchant processor who specializes in businesses not serviced by traditional merchant providers. If you are approved by a merchant account provider who doesn’t specialize in high-risk processing, you’ll likely be facing some restrictions.

Your high-risk merchant account provider will assist you in ensuring your business is able to get back on the right track. There will likely be some documentation to fill out, and all actions on your account will be monitored until you’re in good standing again.

Being MATCH listed doesn’t have to be a life-long sentence for your business; following the above steps and getting in touch with a high-risk merchant account provider can help to remedy the situation and get back to running your business.