MerchACT works with high risk merchants in the New York area to get them set up with reliable, flexible and affordable merchant services solutions. Whether you operate a card-not-present online, mail order or telephone business, we can help you obtain a merchant account. We specialize in all high risk industries in New York, including:

New York Dating sites
New York Health and Wellness products
New York Bitcoin products and services
New York Adult memberships, products, services
New York Travel
New York Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
New York Infomercials
New York Buying, shopping clubs, wholesale clubs
New York Unique business models

MerchACT works specifically work ‘high risk’ businesses that fit all types of business models, including free trial, recurring payment, high volume and high ticket merchants.

MerchACT has worked in the New York high risk payment processing sector for almost 15 years. Our clients are often cast aside by traditional banks who will not take on the additional liability of high risk merchants. MerchACT partners with these businesses to help stabilize and grow their payments operations.

If you have been terminated or face seemingly insurmountable chargeback or volume issues, we can help you reconstruct your payments infrastructure.

Unlike merchant services providers that use “bait-and-switch” tactics, MerchACT focuses on helping high risk merchants get stable payment processing capabilities at the best rates possible.  We have long-standing partnerships with a wide variety of banks across the globe – banks that are open-minded about ‘high risk’ merchants. Because of these banking relationships, we can provide the best solutions to our merchants without implementing volume caps, rolling reserves or outrageous processing fees. We have streamlined New York high risk payment processing to make things as easy and seamless as possible for our merchants.

MerchACT serves as a partner to the merchants we work with. We help grow businesses rather than inhibit them. We streamline and optimize the payment processing operation from start to finish, including chargeback management, fraud prevention, risk mitigation, PCI compliance, reporting, multi-currency and alternative payments. Specifically, we work with merchants who have had problems in the past with:

Rapid Growth

Many subsets of the high-risk segment experience rapid growth and fluctuating volume, including Direct sales and MLM merchants. We help these business types obtain stable merchant accounts and we advise our clients on strategies to keep their merchant account healthy. MerchACT is a great alternative for merchants who are tired of working with payment processors that implement volume caps, which can significantly inhibit growth. Our merchants enjoy reliable payment processing that supports high volume and growth, without exorbitant fees or fines or the threat of termination.


Chargebacks and fraud can cripple merchants in any industry. High risk merchants are particularly prone to a high rate of chargebacks. MerchACT understands how to reduce chargebacks and minimize costs associated with fraud. We help merchants create a roadmap to get back on track with their merchant bank and to implement best practices that reduce chargebacks. MerchACT specializes in helping New York high risk merchants understand the root of their chargeback problem and find a viable solution to keep chargebacks in check.


Whether you already offer goods and services abroad or if you are thinking of expanding internationally, MerchACT can provide the support and technology you need to handle multiple currencies and international transactions in a cost-effective manner. MerchACT works with New York high risk payment processing merchants to navigate international e-commerce waters and implement the right tools and strategies to be successful. Our seasoned payments experts understand the intricacies of both domestic and foreign payments requirements and we can help you understand key considerations for expansion.

How New York High Risk Payment Processing Works

MerchACT has been a leader in the New York high risk payment processing industry for almost 15 years. We partner with our customers to augment their in-house team and streamline payments. We offer flexible solutions and a consulting practice that will mold to your needs. We start by learning the ins and outs of your specific business model. Each client we work with is different and we work diligently to tailor solutions to meet each business’ individual needs.

It doesn’t stop there. MerchACT provides ongoing management and support for your payments operations, depending on your level of need. We act as an extension of your internal team, handling tasks and issues that fall outside of the in-house purview or that in-house resources would like to delegate.

New York High Risk Payment Processing for Startups and New Small Businesses

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MerchACT works with existing and new businesses alike. Our New York high risk payment processing services can be customized to meet any business’ needs. We work with your existing banks or can get you set up with a new banking partner. MerchACT’s custom high risk merchant account services are designed to help your business grow. We provide full-scale account support and can help you with every facet of payment processing. You select the services you want and we’ll adapt to your needs.

Contact MerchACT today and let’s grow your business together.


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