Finding a merchant account can be confusing. Many banks do not offer this type of service because they may deem it risky. It all comes down to who you know and their reputation. Luckily, you’ve discovered MerchACT. We’re who you need to know to get a cost-effective and reliable merchant account. As for our reputation? With almost 15 years working with businesses in North America and overseas, we’re the card-not-present industry leader and we can help your company maximize profits with a Canadian merchant account.

With our team of highly skilled staff and industry experts and insiders, we’ll eliminate the confusion associated with domestic merchant banking and get you the ecommerce solution you need.


Faster funding times

Lower rates and pricing

Flexible underwriting & risk management

Numerous domestic banks to work with

Maximize profits with a reputable and stable solution


MerchACT’s stable payment gateway solutions help businesses of all sizes tap into their local market. Through our online payment portal, we offer secure transactions, faster funding times (usually within 24 hours), lower rates and pricing, and flexible underwriting and risk management.

Over the years, we’ve cultivated relationships with numerous domestic banks and are adept at matching business with the right bank. Our specialists will review your business model and determine the perfect merchant account solution for you. Moreover, when you work with us, you are more than a client, you are a partner. While some companies will treat you as just a simple customer number, we value your business and if you succeed, we succeed.

Our payment processing solutions have helped Canadian businesses enjoy cost-effective domestic merchant accounts that led them to increase their profits. You’re also more than welcome to maintain a hands-on approach to your account or let us take full control and represent you to your bank on your behalf. However you choose to be involved, we’ll make everything as seamless as possible.


At MerchACT, we aim to establish long-standing relationships based on honesty and accountability. Everything regarding your merchant account is disclosed up front and we do not surprise you with anything over the course of our partnership. We don’t charge application and set up fees so we can give you the most affordable service we can offer. We provide in-house support, PCI compliant gateways, fraud tools, chargeback management and reporting.

Furthermore, we do not discriminate against businesses that are considered high risk. In fact, we do not care what your risk level is because we’ll evaluate your business model and come up with a solution, no matter what. Our wide variety and complete and quality merchant processing platforms can be tailored exactly to suit your business needs, so if you’re operating a high risk business, we’ll figure out the best course of ecommerce action.

When you partner with MerchACT, we’ll ensure everything runs smoothly for the length our partnership whether you’re looking for a short or long-term ecommerce solution. Contact us today and get started. We have the perfect Canadian merchant account for your business, no matter what your business is.


Review Current Status

Talk with one of our friendly MerchACT advisors who will assess your current situation and advise you with the right solution for your business requirements.

Secure New Merchant Account

Talk with one of our friendly MerchACT advisors who will assess your current situation and advise you with the right solution for your business requirements.

Ongoing Account Management

Talk with one of our friendly MerchACT advisors who will assess your current situation and advise you with the right solution for your business requirements.


We offer a wide variety of complete and quality merchant processing platform suited to your business needs

MerchACT offers in-house support of your merchant account, PCI compliant gateway, fraud tools, chargeback management, and reporting. You do not need multiple vendors because we follow up periodically to ensure that everything you can possibly need are met.

We don’t require application and set up fees

While most processors charge and application fee, we make sure to give you the most affordable service we can offer. We’re in for the long haul, we’re more interested in merchant partnerships above anything else.

We have a remarkable history in the industry

With our 14+ years in working with card-not-present merchants, we have already been equipped with the right solutions to every unique business model’s demands. Let us know your needs and we will package an efficient payment processing service that best suits your specific requirements

We cater our services to both high and low risk merchant services

Help us determine which bank is best suited for your business by giving us a complete picture. Whether you’re a low or high risk business model, we’ll help you speed up the transaction

We value transparency

We value transparency when it comes to working with our clients. We will let you know exactly all the fees you are responsible for as well as the terms of our working agreement that will be upfront.

We directly process your merchant accounts

As much as it is important for you to know where your money is going, it is also critical for you to understand who is responsible for your account. With MerchACT, you will know who your merchant account relationship is with.

We guarantee honesty and accountability on all of our transactions

We aim to establish and maintain long-standing merchant bank relationships based on honesty and accountability. You are our partner in this and not just a merchant

We serve merchants from all over the world

We provide efficient merchant account services for business of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

We help you take advantage of both local and international industries

Let us review your business model to determine which merchant account is suited for your business

We help you address your payment processing concerns

Problems with fraud and chargebacks can’t be avoided that’s why we can guarantee you our participation in helping you pinpoint and resolve issues concerning your account. We will be more than willing to assist you because your success is our business.