Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were your own boss, being in control of how much you earn and being able to work anytime and anywhere you want, and at the same time earning lots and lots of money?

That’s what Multi-Level Marketing promises you — fast and easy money. Yes, it can very appealing at the surface but it is also very controversial. The nature of MLM may result in the extremes — you either gain a lot or lose a lot, and I mean a lot.

Especially for high risk businesses such as MLM, you cannot easily apply for merchant accounts since banks are quite critical about those.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry because with MerchAct, it’s not. We will make it easier for you to get merchant accounts because it is not only our business but our responsibility.

As experts in the industry, we tell you that MLM companies do need merchant accounts not only to capture a great number of consumers in a very saturated market and get ahead with competitors but also to survive at the very least.

That being said, if you still don’t have merchant accounts for your MLM Company, you should start worrying, or even panicking.

Giving your customers the option to pay online increases the number of your potential customers. Moreover, having multiple merchant accounts with MLM make more efficient operations because of the nature of the business wherein you can earn money in several ways and through other people. With merchant accounts for MLM, there are faster transactions because it is more convenient for both you, your sales associates, and your customers.

We know that MLM is a complex industry, and we will help make things easier for you. Visit merchact.com now and get a FREE merchant account consultation that your business needs.