In this day and age of cybersecurity risks, you’ll have to work that much harder to earn the trust of customers. This is particularly true when you’re selling your products and services via an online storefront where you won’t have any client-to-customer face time.

You’ll therefore need to pull out all the stops to ensure that your customers trust you enough to conduct transactions electronically.

What follows are some tips on how to promote customer trust – and probably the most important tips relate to being proactive on the cybersecurity front so that hackers do not compromise your e-commerce site.

Protect Client Information

If you operate an e-commerce website that stores customer data such as credit card numbers, you need to ensure that your online storefront is equipped to safeguard that information. You might even want to retain the services of a consultant who will be able to help you remain in compliance with guidelines established by the Payment Cards Industry Standards Council. When you’re able to guarantee customers that you’ve taken all steps necessary to protect their personal information, you’ll be able to win their trust – and their business.

SSL Protection

You definitely need to ensure that your website is equipped with SSL protection. When you have SSL protection, you’ll be able to ensure that your customers’ transactions and information on your e-commerce storefront are more secure from possible threats. Don’t underestimate your customers’ knowledge of safety protocols for websites. When they see that you’ve fortified your website, they’ll be much more likely to make transactions on your site.


Including customer testimonials is a great way to convince other shoppers that they, too, can trust your e-commerce website. Also, don’t be afraid to include any favorable news coverage on your site’s news section. For instance, if there was a profile written about your company, including that on your site can go a long way towards getting customers to trust you.

Appearances Matter

Ensure that your website looks professional if you want people to want to buy something from you. A sloppy, poorly designed website will lack legitimacy, and this will cost you business. But a professional looking site that’s easy to navigate will resonate with shoppers and earn their trust.

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