In today’s business you should be quite familiar with the brand PayPal. You’ve also heard how it has helped other entrepreneurs get a leg up in their own businesses because of their outstanding services, but do you also know that PayPal and our service are similar? We both represent providing stable financial management but in very different ways.

Companies like Stripe and Paypal are called Process Aggregators. They funnel multiple merchant transactions together and store them under a single account. Once used as a simple mobile acceptance tool, it has started to show signs of growth and has come hand in hand with the introduction of new hip, mobile market.

The second type is called a Dedicated Merchant Account; these types privately handle your business account. This is an asset to your business, as you maintain full control over your own merchant account and don’t have the concern over the account being frozen due to inconsistencies in your sales.

MerchAct provides high quality, stable and dependable high risk Merchant Accounts. Bundled with a secure and private account, your business can grow on a global scale.
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