Sometimes, all you need is a tap on the back, a quick reminder of what you need to do or a gentle guidance about the unfamiliar road ahead of you. We’ve compiled a list of things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to credit card processing.


*Do research about the basics of credit card processing and learn about the basics of how a merchant account works.
*Do ask your merchant account processor for references and remember to talk with them regarding past experiences and capabilities.
*Do find a processor that already has a proven track record of customer service and continuous support.
*Do read your contract fully and understand everything before signing.
*Do ask a lot of questions, especially when you’re in the dark about anything regarding the account processing.
*Do know about the cancellation fee and understand the terms.
*Do watch out for subtle conditional fees than might appear innocent but can turn out to hit your wallet in the future.
*Do look out for deceptive pricing practices and rates that are too good to be true, chances are – they are.
*Do comprehend what processing limits are applied by the processor.
*Do become PCI compliant regardless of how small or large your company/business is.
*Do watch out for other services that can aid your business grow such as Loyalty Cards and gift.
*Do refer your friend to your processor if you like the service. You can save your friend the trouble of finding the right processor to process his business. Even better if the processor has a Partners program where you can earn extra bucks. A win-win!
*Do maintain the PCI compliance requirements for your business.
*Do ask for the qualifications and rates if you purchased a bundled or tiered program.
*Do monitor returns. A lot of fraud is sometimes committed by employees to their own cards.


*Don’t fall into the trap of hard sales tactics.
*Don’t ever take for granted the need for good customer service.
*Don’t ever refund a credit card payment by check or cash. Return it to the card that was used to make the purchase. Otherwise, the client can get the cash and still make a chargeback.
*Don’t hesitate to contact your processor or representative if something is amiss or if you are experiencing errors on your end.
*Don’t allow anyone to fix/reprogram your credit card terminal if you’re not sure that he/she works with your processor.
*Don’t feel compelled to sign a lease unless you’re 100% sure you want to.
*Don’t take the lowest offer just because it’s the cheapest. Go with a processor with the right experience in terms of approved accounts.
*Don’t automatically think that your local bank has the right service and best price, simply because you’re a long time customer.

As your business continues to grow and change, you must keep your Merchant Services Processor aware of those growth and changes. Remember to continually seek advice from your provider, ask for clarifications, and support about anything that seems unclear to you. Look for a provider that doesn’t just work for gain, but will go the extra mile to understand your unique business and create a personalized service for your needs.