Getting a merchant account can sometimes feel like searching for the Holy Grail… especially for high-risk merchants.

Endless back-and-forth discussions with bankers and agents who don’t understand or approve of your business model, and fruitless fee “negotiations” that don’t lead anywhere are just some of the trials wasting your time.


Business owners operating in high-risk industries usually know their businesses are under a microscope, that banks and credit agencies are carefully scrutinizing them and their business operations.

Online businesses considered high-risk face extra challenges and uncertainties. The first is probably difficulty in gaining acquiring bank approval for a merchant account. But without the ability to accept digital card payments, online businesses fail before they even begin.

A robust business plan, formal operating procedures, positive financial statements, and strong sales projections — along with a good credit history — will certainly help.

So will aligning yourself with the right merchant account provider who will get you approved for a merchant account. Once that occurs, your merchant account provider should set you up with scalable end-to-end payment solutions tailored to your specific business requirements.

Boost Your Bottom Line With the Right Merchant Account Provider

Experienced business professionals know there are only a few ways to boost bottom line results. By pulling various business levers, you can increase sales, reduce costs, or improve the efficiency of operations. All three actions will boost your bottom line numbers.

But what if you can affect all three of those measures with the single act of choosing the right merchant account provider? Here’s how.

  1. Increase sales by expanding your customer base. Enable customers from around the world to purchase your products online quickly and easily using payment cards — both credit and debit. Accept all major card brands to ensure your ability to accept cross-border and global payments. Choose the right merchant account provider, and consider it done.
  2. Increase sales logged by your business through a merchant account provider that supports multi-currency processing options. More global shoppers will be attracted to your e-commerce store if there’s no currency conversion hassle or fee applied. Shoppers from somewhere in the world will be able to purchase your products twenty-four hours every day of the week.
  3. Reduce costs by ensuring the merchant account provider you choose specializes in high-risk merchant accounts. Stop spinning your wheels trying to land a merchant account on your own. Specialists who work with high-risk merchants not only understand the complex payments industry inside out, but also have relationships with banks that will support your business and work with you. Reduce costs of potential penalties by choosing a merchant account provider who facilitates multiple merchant account setup and merchant accounts with no volume caps.
  4. Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by streamlining payments processing. Eliminate the need for manual card processing and special software with the right secure payments gateway. Choose a PCI-compliant gateway that allows card payments via multiple devices; provides quick, secure account verification; advanced management features to improve your business operations; and complete fraud prevention and administrative tools for enhanced business protection. The right merchant account provider should make it an easy process to get your high-risk e-commerce business operating seamlessly.
  5. Improve operational efficiency by choosing a merchant account provider who wants to work with you long-term. Not only will they get you set up with a merchant bank and a secure payment gateway, but also they’ll still be supporting you — and dealing with the bank — if problems occur six months later. They’ll work with you to help you solve problems. Ongoing merchant account support and management will improve your operational efficiency by ensuring more cost-effective management and monitoring of risks, and more efficient use of your company resources. They’ll ensure all of your merchant accounts are working effectively and in line with industry standards.


Your ideal merchant account provider has relationships with banks and others in the industry that they can leverage to ensure your high-risk e-commerce business is operating seamlessly.

They are experts in the complexities of the payments processing industry, and in the unique challenges facing high-risk merchants. They’ll establish and maintain open lines of communication with you and their industry contacts that are important to your success.

A highly reputable, global merchant payments processing partner will provide transparent solutions that have been tailored to suit your business model. They’ll act as a digital payments advisor, recommend solutions tailored to your needs, and treat you like a partner…

So you can focus on your business, and boosting the bottom line.