The latest data shows that an average of 67.75% of all shopping carts are abandoned. This means that companies are spending millions of dollars on online advertising and website optimization only to find that the vast majority of their customers abandon their carts before completing their purchase. Minimizing instances of shopping cart abandonment can help online firms maximize revenues over the long-term, and in this latest post we’ll provide five tips to help guide this process.

  1. Offer loyalty programs to cart abandonersThe data reveals that loyalty programs increase a shopper’s annual visits to a store by up to 20%. By offering cart abandoners a loyalty program, a company not only increases the chances of the buyer taking up the offer of a quick discount, but also improves the chances of the shopper returning in future. It’s a quick way to build a long term connection with online buyers.
  2. Use retargeting to emphasize customer satisfaction perksCompanies can also limit their shopping cart abandonment costs by retargeting abandoners. By sending out retargeting emails focused on customer satisfaction perks such as free shipping, the brand can improve the chances of the buyer returning to the cart to complete the purchase. This type of retargeting can convince the buyer they’re getting a better deal.
  3. Commit to click to call advertising campaignsBy retargeting the abandoner through click to call campaigns, companies can show that they also offer a way for the buyer to make a connection with another person during the purchase. Many abandoners simply want to speak with a company representative before they finalize the purchase, and click to call campaigns allow a seamless way to both track buyer engagement and find qualified buyers that have abandoned their cart.
  4. Show Thumbnails Throughout the Purchase ProcessIn addition to attracting and retargeting buyers that have already abandoned the shopping cart, companies can also work to prevent abandonment. Showing thumbnails of the items within a shopping cart throughout the purchase process helps to calm the buyer and make them more focused on the purchase. It can help to eliminate the distractions that can be a leading cause of shopping cart abandonment online.
  5. Make it Easy to Save a Shopping CartOne of the benefits shoppers expect of an online store is the ability to return to an ongoing order already in progress. Companies can help reduce their shopping cart abandonment levels by making it easier to save the shopping cart. This allows the shopper to return at a time that’s more convenient for them.

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