UK High Risk Merchants Can Get a Merchant Account


MerchACT is a leader in UK high risk payment processing. We have almost 15 years of experience working with merchants in this category, including merchants with high volume, higher-than-average chargebacks, and other risk factors that are a turn-off to traditional merchant account providers. Our specialization in UK high risk payment processing makes us an ideal partner for merchants in the following categories:

  • UK Dating sites
  • UK Health and Wellness products
  • UK Bitcoin products and services
  • UK Adult memberships, products, services
  • UK Travel
  • UK Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
  • UK Infomercials
  • UK Buying, shopping clubs, wholesale clubs
  • UK Unique business models

Many merchant services providers consider these industries ‘high risk’ and are not willing to take on what they consider to be additional liability. MerchACT has over a decade of experience and knowledge navigating the payment processing waters for these merchants and specializes in providing UK high risk payment processing solutions.


UK high risk payment processing that works for your business can be hard to find. High risk businesses in the UK that are looking to obtain a merchant account and a payment gateway may have difficulty being placed with a traditional bank. Instead, these businesses must find a high risk merchant account, which can be extremely expensive.

MerchACT understands the UK high risk payment processing sector better than most of our competitors. Rather than rely on “bait-and-switch” tactics that lure merchants in with low rates only to switch to higher rates just months later, we provide stable, reliable and affordable merchant accounts from the start.

MerchACT has worked with high risk merchants for almost 15 years and understands the intricacies of various business models that fall into this category. Our clients range from startups to well-established businesses that operate in a card-not-present environment. We help these merchants establish a merchant account with one of our domestic or foreign banking partners, but we also provide ongoing support to ensure that the merchant account remains in good health.

Merchants in the high risk sector often experience high rates of chargebacks, increased instances of true fraud and other obstacles that prevent streamlined payment processing. We work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure that internal processes follow best practices and that transactions are optimized from start to finish. We provide assistance in many areas, including:

Fraud & Chargebacks

MerchACT understands the fraud and chargeback problem in UK high risk payment processing sector better than most. Our high risk clients often face high chargeback ratios that can land them in hot water with acquirers and the card brands. We partner with our clients to create a chargeback reduction roadmap that inspires confidence in your payment processing partners at every level of the payments ecosystem. We also work with merchants to improve internal customer services processes to ensure that unnecessary chargebacks are avoided. We offer a combination of fraud prevention tools and expert guidance to protect your payments from fraud at every step in the transaction lifecycle.

International Expansion

International expansion is on the radar for many e-commerce merchants. It expands the consumer base beyond the walls of the business’ country of origin and can positively impact profits. Companies looking to expand overseas often tap MerchACT to assist with the numerous payment processing considerations, including multi-currency, currency conversion, and local alternative payment methods. Our team works as an extension of a merchant’s in-house staff to streamline payment processing for international expansion success.  

High Volume

Many high risk merchants experience fluctuating growth patterns and months where volume spikes. Rather than shy away from high volume merchants, MerchACT provides stable, reliable and flexible merchant account options so companies can grow at their own pace. We help merchants with high volume get placed with a merchant account that can support unpredictable sales patterns and that doesn’t inhibit growth with volume caps or related fees and penalties.

How UK High Risk Payment Processing Works

MerchACT partners with merchants to streamline and optimize payment processing. We get our UK high risk payment processing merchants set up for success from Day 1. We gain insights into your business model and lay out a strategic payments roadmap that guards against fraud, mitigates risk and implements best practices at every stage in the payments lifecycle.

Each of our merchants has a unique business model and we tailor our UK high risk payment processing solutions accordingly. We also provide ongoing support and assistance through our experienced team of experts, who act as an extension to your internal team. We work hand-in-hand with your staff to set up a PCI-compliant gateway, layer the right set of fraud prevention and risk mitigation tools for your business, and improve internal processes.

We always pair our UK high risk payment processing solutions with a payments advisor that acts as an extension of your internal team. In this way, we cover the entire spectrum of payments, from start to finish. This combination allows you to keep your focus on the core business – and growth.

UK High Risk Payment Processing for Startups and New Small Businesses

New UK businesses and startups often need assistance getting set up in the region. We’ve provided some links below that provide additional resources to help you get started:  

Setting up a business in the UK

10 Steps to starting a business in the UK

Expert advice on starting a business in the UK

MerchACT makes the perfect UK high risk payment processing partner. Don’t fall prey to other that claim to specialize in ‘high risk’. Work with our team of seasoned professionals to get set up correctly from the beginning.  We tailor our end-to-end solutions to the unique needs of your business. Whether you are a startup or well-established business, our customized solutions and team of experts can work for you.

Contact MerchACT today and let’s grow your business together.

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