British Columbia Merchants Can Get a Merchant Account


MerchACT helps British Columbia high risk payment processing merchants find the best merchant services for their business. We are an industry leader with over a decade of experience helping high risk merchants with affordable, scalable and growth-oriented merchant payment solutions.

Our clients operate across a number of industries with varying business sizes. If you are a startup or established business in British Columbia, we can help streamline your payments.


Whether you are new to your industry, new to high risk payments, or have already built a considerable reputation for yourself, we have merchant account solutions to fit your specific business model. One of our most popular merchant services offerings is our high risk merchant account, which caters to the following:  

⋆British Columbia Dating sites

⋆British Columbia Health and Wellness products

⋆British Columbia Bitcoin products and services

⋆British Columbia Adult memberships, products, services

⋆British Columbia Travel

⋆British Columbia Multi-level Marketing (MLM)

⋆British Columbia Infomercials

⋆British Columbia Buying, shopping clubs, wholesale clubs

⋆British Columbia Unique business models

We are experts in British Columbia high risk payment processing and can help you get set up with the merchant account you need. You don’t have to play the “bait-and-switch” game with other providers who claim to specialize in helping high risk merchants. Partner with MerchACT and we’ll help you pursue the best payment processing solutions for your business so you can grow and gain market share.

Most merchant services providers don’t have a “growth” mindset for their customers. Instead, they take a substantial cut of your profits. Both traditional and non-specialized British Columbia high risk payment processing providers are not well-versed enough to help this unique subset of merchant excel. They often penalize merchants for high volume, require some merchants to hold reserves (so they can hedge against your future returns), or outright terminate merchant accounts without warning or recourse.

MerchACT helps clients grow by providing best-in-class high risk payment processing solutions along with consulting services. In this way, we offer full-scale, end-to-end payments guidance and support to help new and well-established businesses thrive in their industries. The following areas are where we exceed for our high risk clients:


MerchACT is geared toward growth. We help high volume merchants by providing lower rates and pricing, flexible underwriting, faster funding and risk management. Where our competitors may require rolling reserves or implement volume caps, we help our clients maximize profits with reputable solutions.

Fraud Prevention

Our seasoned payments consultants partner with you to learn the details of our business and outline an action plan for fraud prevention. If you struggle with chargebacks, our advisors will create a chargeback reduction roadmap to get your chargeback ratio in check. We create a tailored fraud prevention solution package that matches your business model.


We provide a secure payment gateway for our British Columbia high risk payment processing clients. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge application or setup fees. Instead, we focus on providing the most affordable, flexible and reliable service to customers who need it most. Our gateway includes in-house support and a suite of fraud, chargeback management and reporting tools that are hand-picked for your distinct business.

MerchACT specializes in helping British Columbia high risk merchants understand the trends, trajectories and risks in their specific industries and find viable, flexible solutions to optimize payments. We don’t stop there. While other merchant services providers may leave you to your own devices, MerchACT acts as your partner, helping you navigate the payments landscape in whichever way is appropriate for your business.

How British Columbia High Risk Payment Processing Works

MerchACT starts by gathering insights about your business, including your current payment processing situation. We sit down and talk to you about growth trajectory and any volume caps currently in place. From there, we create a strategic plan to help you map actions to your goals. Where other merchant services providers may let you take it from there, we provide ongoing review of your merchant accounts to ensure they remain stable and in good standing. We also step in to advocate on your behalf if any issues arrive. We provide ongoing consulting services to help you manage and reduce chargebacks, stay up-to-date on the latest fraud trends, remain PCI compliant and maintain industry best practices.

With almost 15 years in the industry, we provide the best guidance for British Columbia high risk payment processing merchants. Get the guidance you need and the best solutions for your business – solutions that help you remain financially stable and ready to grow.

British Columbia High Risk Payment Processing for Startups and New Small Businesses

If you have recently launched a British Columbia business, consider the resources below to help you streamline your operational processes:

Starting a Business in British Columbia

Business Council of British Columbia

Support for Small Businesses in British Columbia

Whether you have just launched your business or have a long-standing reputation, we can help you set up your British Columbia high risk payment processing account or make a switch that will work to your benefit. MerchACT’s tailored high risk merchant account services are designed to help your business grow while remaining stable.

Contact MerchACT today and let’s grow your business together.

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