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About Us

For over a decade, MerchACT has specialized in bringing impactful merchant payment solutions to businesses across the world. Our industry experience is prevalent in everything we do whether it is helping our domestic and international clients operate traditional credit card processing for online businesses that are considered “outside of the box” or providing a small start up with their first merchant payment portal. We have helped businesses of all sizes across the globe tap into markets they didn’t think were possible, all because our merchant account solutions are safe, transparent, and impactful.

Mission and Reputation

As the leading merchant account provider in the industry, our mission is to help you increase your profit. Our aim is lead your business into growth by reducing processing fees, improving customer services and implementing the necessary tools to reduce friendly fraud. MerchACT accomplishes the aforementioned facets without hurting conversions and ensuring that your processing relationships remain stable.

Our reputation as a global leader in merchant payment solutions is due in part to our focus on transparency and by treating our clients as more than just a means to an end. For us, clients are more than a simple merchant account number, they are partners and should be treated as such. Our transparent solutions have been personally tailored to suit your business model and are free of extreme pricing terms or bait and switch tactics.

Accountability and Support

Each business has different payment needs. We will evaluate your situation and determine the best course of action for your specific payment functionality. For instance, a merchant who provides a free trial that converts to a monthly rebill will require a different solution and merchant bank than a company who is launching an MLM business. We take the time to understand your business model so that we can effectively provide you with a merchant payment solution that is scalable for long-term growth. Furthermore, we offer ongoing support and industry knowledge that will enable your business to easily accept echecks, credit cards and alternative payments with no volume caps or surprises.

When we set up your merchant account, we are entering into an agreement with you and our banks to make certain that the payment side of your business seamlessly operates. We hold ourselves to the highest industry standards and maintain full accountability for every aspect of the merchant payment solutions and processes we provide for your business.

Our Founders

MerchACT was founded by two industry veterans with hands-on experience in the field of merchant payment solutions. Patricia B. Weber is a leading global payments expert with a specialization on card-not-present payment acceptance, offshore merchant accounts, alternative payment methods and complicated business models. Since 2002, her broad range of clients have processed billions in sales through direct-to-customer selling via online services. Jared Ronski, MerchACT’s co-founder works with merchants globally to ensure they are paired with the right merchant account for their specific business needs. He has worked closely with higher risk business models and has provided companies of all sizes with acceptance and card issuing solutions.


    We view you as our partner and not just another merchant account number. Our reputation with our clients and our global merchant banking partners is what separates us from our competitors.


    Unless it’s your Birthday, we do not believe in surprises. We deliver solutions that have been personally tailored for your business model. No Pricing or Terms Bait N Switch.


    When we establish a merchant account for you, we are entering into an agreement with both you and our banks to ensure that the payment side of your business operates seamlessly. You can expect the best ongoing support from our team.

Merchact founders

  • Patricia Weber


    Patricia is a leading global payments expert with a specialized focus on card-not-present payment acceptance, complicated business models, offshore merchant accounts, and alternative payment methods. Since 2002, her clients have processed billions in sales selling direct to consumers through online services.

  • Patricia Weber


    Jared is a payments industry veteran with experience in both acceptance and card issuing. He works with merchants globally to secure the right merchant account for their specific needs including higher risk trial continuity business models.


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